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Self-destructing Tories in full pursuit of hard Brexit

By Jonathan Freedland We are now well into that most traditional of Tory pastimes, a weekend of plotting aimed at removing a leader. Except this time, the whispering, scheming, texting and whatsapping comes as a once iron law of politics crumbles before our eyes. I’m speaking of the axiom that …

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Palestinian unity is pre-requisite to peace

By Linda S. Heard The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could soon be deprived of his pretexts for shying away from serious peace negotiations with Palestinian leaders, which he may find discomforting. While he has paid lip service to a long defunct peace process, he has always maintained that the …

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Nafta negotiations face US and Mexican risks

By Andrew Hammond Wednesday sees the start of the latest round of negotiations between the US, Canada and Mexico on reforming the North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). While most parties are keen to see a modernised deal emerge, growing political risks surround the discussions, especially from the Trump team …

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Be a sport and spare us the red cards

By Rituraj Borkakoty “It was the most emphatic display of selflessness I have seen on a football field. Pounding over every blade of grass, competing as if he would rather die of exhaustion than lose, he inspired all around him. I felt it was an honour to be associated with …

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A lost government in Islamabad?

By Farhan Bokhari The past week saw Pakistan’s top ruling party renew its support for former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, in a way that clearly made a mockery of democratic values anywhere on the face of this earth. In the process, the ruling regime in Islamabad led by Pakistan Muslim …

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Use technology to catch academic cheats

By Krishnadas Nanath Academic integrity crisis has been daunting universities for a long time, and universities in the UAE are no different when it comes to facing this Herculean task. With the advent of technology in classrooms and innovations in assessment components, cheating has shifted from the orthodox style of …

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Europe is at a decisive moment in its history

By Guy Verhofstadt There is no doubt about it: The outcome of Germany’s recent federal election is as important as it is remarkable. The parties that have dominated German politics for years – the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), plus its Bavarian sister party, the Christian …

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Netanyahu may face Olmert’s fate

By As’ad Abdul Rahman Many Israeli politicians and analysts expect a political shake-up in Israel, where the extreme rightist leader of the occupation government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may face the fate of his predecessor Ehud Olmert, bringing an end to his political career, plunged into a quagmire of …

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Dr Asim back with a bang


SILENCES ALL HIS CRITICS  By A.A Usmani It is a matter of real pride and extreme pleasure to see the PPP senior leader Dr Asim Hussain returned to Karachi from London yesterday, where he had gone for medical treatment last month. With his graceful return he has not only kept …

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