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Ziauddin Hospital unveils SOPs for fire-fighting

Dr Ziauddin Hospital has a well-equipped fire-fighting department which remains alert round the clock to meet any eventuality. There is a comprehensive plan in place which is made public herein for benefit of all employees and other regular visitors who visit the facility. FIRE PREVENTION & FIRE FIGHTING IN HOSPITAL. …

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Gold Crown!

By Syed M. Aslam Crowning corrupts is trending in our part of the world lately. From now on corrupts would not be asked questions by the agencies, particularly that passes off as anti-corruption watch dog but instead would be crowned with pure gold headgear. You don’t have to be a …

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Selective Amnesia!

By Syed M. Aslam Ruling elites everywhere have long mastered one of the most important tricks of the trade that could most appropriately be called ‘selective amnesia’. Selective amnesia makes it easy for the ruling elites to feign loss of memory to help avoid and hide their crimes of omission …

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Israel debates plans: An ‘alternative’ homeland for Palestinians?

By As’ad Abdul Rahman Israel’s policy draws upon its substitution/expansionist designs that seek to annex the largest possible area of Palestine and dispose of the biggest number of its people. When being extremely ‘generous’, the Israeli far-right ruling coalition would propose establishment of a rubber-stamp Palestinian state, having the image …

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The Facilitators!

By Syed M. Aslam What passes for media here in our part of the world is really an obnoxious  and power and money hungry behemoth which is ever eager to promote the agenda of  the rich and the mighty bunch of ruling class that despite being a negligible in numbers …

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Russia, US and Iran together can eliminate Daesh

By Howard LaFranchi Is it possible to defeat Daesh in a year? President Trump has directed the Pentagon to deliver plans to achieve that goal. The answer may depend on how one defines “defeat.” But whether it’s a matter of months or of years, stamping out the world’s most threatening …

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