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  • KARACHI: US Consul General Grace W.Shelton, chief guest at the inauguration of the premium American ice cream chain Cold Stone Creamery creating a cup for herself at Zamzama Clifton out let while staff looks on.

Super foods for a healthy gallbladder


Eat healthy to live healthy. A good and balanced diet is necessary to burn excess fat and keep you in shape. However, what’s not right is to abstain yourself from eating; it’s okay to give in to those craving sometimes. And, the easiest way to stay in shape is maintaining …

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Little evidence new cancer drugs improve survival


There’s not much evidence to show that most new cancer drugs approved in Europe in recent years can help patients live longer or improve their quality of life, a recent study suggests. Researchers looked at 48 cancer drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency for 68 different uses from 2009 …

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Keep these in mind if you use loofah regularly


Loofahs might be a favourite bath accessory for many of us, but it is also capable of breeding bacteria. Many of us don’t know how to wash the bath accessory or when to discard it. Keeping the loofahs for too long without cleaning can give you skin problems. Here are …

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Are you suffering from skin asthma?


We often underestimate the fact that our bodies have an intrinsic healing capacity and many a time just a few simple home remedies can actually help us to deal with diseases. Experts say that leading a healthy life, eating right and exercising daily can help one reduce dependence on medication. …

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Try aquacises to help you get svelte


The next time you feel that boredom for your upcoming cardio session creeping in, don’t go to the gym. Drive to the nearest pool instead, and get in. That’s right. Hot on fitness-lovers agendas everywhere are water-based exercises or aquacises, that use a combination of the buoyancy of water and …

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World leaders urged to act on ‘post-antibiotic apocalypse’

England’s chief medical officer has warned of a “post-antibiotic apocalypse” as she issued a call to action urging global leaders to address the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, reported The Independent. Professor Dame Sally Davies said that if antibiotics lose their effectiveness it will spell “the end of modern medicine”. …

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Increasing salt intake tied to diabetes risk


High levels of salt consumption may increase an adult’s risk of developing diabetes, researchers say. The new study included data from a few thousand people in Sweden. The findings showed that salt intake was associated with an average 65 percent increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for …

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Is dark chocolate healthy?


Yes, dark chocolate has compounds that offer health benefits and can be enjoyed without guilt, even on a daily basis. But the portion size matters, since too many bites can contribute extra fat, sugar and calories and negate its health benefits, reported CNN. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa solids, …

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Go old-school with the Calisthenics Workout


With most people trying to balance a hectic work schedule with their personal lives, they are left with hardly any time to hit the gym or have a dedicated exercise routine. So, it’s important to have workout options, where you can train anywhere, anytime, with little or no fitness equipment. …

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