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  • KARACHI: Speakers and audience photographed at a seminar “Awareness of Chikungunya” held yesterday at DrZiauddin Hospital Nazimabad.

Vaccination: Myths and facts


The topic of vaccination has always generated an endless debate. What was once a life-saving marvel of modern technology is now occasionally viewed with doubt. There are many today who choose to not get vaccinated amid all this mistrust. It is a fact that many infectious diseases have been controlled …

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Early detection of oral cancer in saliva possible

Prof Dr Iqbal Khyani, a medical graduate from Dow Medical College (DMC), conferred PhD degree on his original study thesis titled “Early detection of oral cancer in saliva”. He has the honour of being first PhD in Pakistan in the field of ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery. He …

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Juice cures you should know about


Ages ago, juice cures were very common as people relied more on home remedies than medicines. If we refer back to them, we can find juice cures for almost all health issues. Wondering how they work? Let’s have a look. The treatment of diseases through an exclusive diet of fruits …

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You just need this one thing to get amazing hair and skin


Whether it’s fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sunburn, dandruff, itchiness or hair fall, there exists an elixir that can sort all your beauty problems. Wondering what it is?! We are talking about apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can tackle a host of skin problems. It helps to neutralise the pH …

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A brief and comprehensive guide on dietary fibre


LET US NOT BE ROUGH WITH ROUGHAGE  We often see, as we scroll through the aisles of grocery shops, boxes and packages of perhaps breakfast cereals declaring that their contents are rich in fibre; though we have become increasingly conscious of a number of sugars, saturated fats and other food …

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Facial creams harmful for skin


Eminent Dermatologist Consultant Physician for skin Dr Dharam Deve Rathi termed facial creams detrimental to skin because such cosmetic products contain steroids that are instrumental in thinning the skin and resulting in pimples on the face. These cosmetic products are being imported from neighboring countries by the profiteers without realizing …

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Mind tricks to help you quit smoking


It is never easy to kick the butt. You may have made several attempts already and may now be almost convinced that you can never do without smoking. The cigarette may feel like your companion during your lowly times and your stress reliever when you are overworked. However, dear it …

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