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  • KARACHI: Speakers and audience photographed at a seminar “Awareness of Chikungunya” held yesterday at DrZiauddin Hospital Nazimabad.

You have been cleaning your ears all wrong


We get too overzealous about maintaining our hygiene, sometimes pushing the Q-tips as much in our ears as humanly possible. We would still be thinking that this is the right way to go about it but that’s not so! Studies have shown how dreadful this habit can be. Earwax, in …

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Cigarette smoking alters the mouth microbiota

Smoking significantly changes the mouth’s microbiome, with potential implications for tooth decay and the ability to break down toxins, according to results published in the ISME (International Society for Microbial Ecology) Journal. Smokers’ mouths have lower levels of the bacteria that break down smoking-related toxins. Cigarette smoking is the number …

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4 benefits of oiling hair on daily basis


Certainly, many of us still swear by our grandma’s special weekend ‘champi’ or the more famously known ‘maalish,’ many of us have forgotten the goodness of oiling hair regularly. While many of you may not know, but regularly oiling hair is super beneficial in the long run. From covering your …

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The scent of sleep


Is bedtime a troubled time for you? You are sleepy, tired…but the moment you lie down, the ZZZsss bid goodbye? Sleep is the first casualty of everyday stress, but help is only a sniff away. We are talking about essential oils. “Once applied to the skin, essential oils are absorbed …

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Smartphones revolutionising medicine


BOSTON: Smartphones are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, thanks to add-ons and apps that make their ubiquitous small screens into medical devices, researchers say. “If you look at the camera, the flash, the microphone… they all are getting better and better,” said Shwetak Patel, engineering professor at the …

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Will you submerge your face in water for flawless make-up?


When it comes to beauty, Koreans are never afraid to try new things. From snail-slime face pack to volcanic clay mask, Korean women love to experiment with their beauty techniques. And the latest Korean trend will just surprise you! Women are now submerging their faces in water to achieve flawless …

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Heart attack risk rises in winter, dips in summer


The risk of getting a heart attack is highest in winter and lowest in summer, according to latest research based on analysis of more than 100,000 patients in seven European countries. The researchers found that levels of several cardiovascular risk factors (such as blood pressure, waist circumference and total cholesterol) …

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6 fruits you shouldn’t peel before eating


Fresh fruits are good for both physical and mental wellness. Isn’t this the most common recommendation that we are often given? Knowing this fact, we gorge on our favourite fruits but do we know the right way to eat fruits? Some fruits may lose their nutrition value when peeled. Here …

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