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  • KARACHI: Speakers and audience photographed at a seminar “Awareness of Chikungunya” held yesterday at DrZiauddin Hospital Nazimabad.

US researchers develop rapid blood test for TB


US researchers on Monday said they have developed a fast blood test for tuberculosis that could speed diagnosis and treatment of the serious and sometimes fatal bacterial infection. One of the oldest known diseases, tuberculosis, or TB, has killed an estimated billion people over the past two centuries. A bacterial …

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Stem cell therapy may potentially reduce lung inflammation: Study

Stem cell therapy may potentially reduce lung damage, scientists revealed it in a new study conducted on a mice. Experts at Queens University Belfast, UK investigated the effectiveness of Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapy in a mouse model of chronic inflammatory lung disease. Lungs start losing their function because of …

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Major study confirms moms’ smoking changes fetal DNA


Women who smoke while pregnant may harm their babies by chemically altering the DNA of the developing fetus, a major study including more than 6,000 women and children found on Thursday. Doctors have long warned women to avoid cigarettes while pregnant because smoking can lead to stillbirth, or babies born …

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You must do THIS after every workout


Most of us when we end our workouts feel all powerful and sprightly. It is called the workout high. Those who experience this high do not put much thought in ending their workout. While there will be few who will hurriedly do some stretches and leave, most will just rush …

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Fruit fuelled evolution of a bigger brain: study


Humans likely developed large and powerful brains, researchers said on Monday, with the help of what is today the simplest of snacks: fruit. Eating fruit was a key step up from the most basic of foodstuffs, such as leaves, and provided the energy needed to grow bulkier brains, the scientists …

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360 degree workout regime you need to know


Fitness is frequently viewed in a single dimension that of the physical. However, real fitness is not just about huffing and puffing at treadmills, beating your feet up and down till you feel the heart burn. What we really need is all round wellness. With increasing demands on our time, …

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How to protect your skin from harsh temperature


Calamine lotion: Keep cold calamine lotion in the refrigerator and apply on red irritated skin on face or back as needed for a heat rash or sunburned skin . Fresh aloe vera: Use fresh aloe vera frozen on face once a day and see a decrease in redness , irritation …

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5 reasons you are still fat….


Fat loss isn’t rocket science. What makes it a complex process are the many hearsays. Here’s what might be making it difficult for you to lose that fat, even after exercising. 1. Doing too much cardio: Once and for all, cardio is NOT necessary for fat loss. Weight training coupled …

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