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  • KARACHI: US Consul General Grace W.Shelton, chief guest at the inauguration of the premium American ice cream chain Cold Stone Creamery creating a cup for herself at Zamzama Clifton out let while staff looks on.

Why almond is our desi superfood!


When it comes to healthy eating, most of us are only dimly witted. Call it lack of reliable sources or an easy availability of junk alternatives, we don’t even know the benefits of a nut that’s in everyone’s kitchens! Sure chia and sunflower seeds are good, but what about almonds? …

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Smudge-proof your eye makeup


We all love that dash of kohl or liner. But the humid months can make it runny. Weatherproof it now Skip the liner, use eyeshadow Black pencil liner is a beauty staple. However, it often melts during the oppressive Indian humid months, and smudges onto our upper eyelid. Even a …

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Armpit tattoos: The secret to beautiful armpits


Body art is yet another medium through which individuals can express their creativity. There is not a single part of the body which cannot be graced by tattoos then why leave out armpits? Armpit tattoos are the latest ink that people are lusting over. Although they’re the most sensitive and …

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Exercise may cut gestational diabetes risk in obese women


Moderate exercises like walking and strength training when done thrice a week can help obese women to reduce the risks associated with gestational diabetes – a form of high blood sugar affecting pregnant women, a study says. Obese women are at increased risk of complications during pregnancy, the most common …

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Elevated calcium levels shoots-up heart attack risk


Higher calcium levels in the bloodstream determine a person’s increased risk of developing coronary artery disease and heart attack, a new study suggests. A new study conducted by Dr. Susanna C. Larsson, from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and her colleagues highlighted the importance of calcium to the system, …

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Can you catch infection by someone’s sweat?


Summer is at its peak; drenching in sweat is no anomaly. In the gyms, playgrounds, or in public transport, you come across people who are dripping in sweat. What’s worse is that many-a-times, you end up getting thrust against them (in public transport/sports) or touching things that they touched (in …

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Smoking may increase sensitivity to social stress: Study


Lighting a cigarette may not be a good way to relax and it may increase sensitivity to social stress, according to a new study by the French National Centre for Scientific Research published on Tuesday. Researchers found that exposure to nicotine, rather than withdrawal from it, which is commonly seen …

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