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US $164.631mln earned as foreign exchange in FY 16-17


ISLAMABAD: The government has set a target to produce about 4,263 thousand tons of meat during financial year 2017-18 to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as for exporting. During the period under review, around 2,155 thousand tons of beef would be produced, apart from producing 717 thousand tons of mutton, stated an official document. Meanwhile, poultry production targets were fixed at 1,391 thousand to fulfill the domestic requirements, besides producing around 57,890 thousand tons of milk and 18,037 million numbers of eggs, it added. Fish production targets were fixed at 801 thousand tons, inland production at 300 thousand tons and marine production fixed at 501 thousand tons respectively. It said that government was taking all possible steps to promote the livestock sector, which was providing livelihood to farmers as the livestock products have been emerging as an important source for foreign exchange earnings. More than US$ 164.631 million were earned as foreign exchange through the export of livestock and allied products during last financial, it added. Last year milk production was calculated at around 58 million tons in the country. The meat share of this sub sector was 69 per cent in the total meat production during 2016-17. —Agencies

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