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Independence Day ceremony to be held at Parliament House


From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has given his approval to a proposal for the Independence Day flag-hoisting ceremony to be held at Parliament House. The shift in venue, from Islamabad Convention Centre to Parliament House, came after Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani formally made a suggestion to the prime minister in a letter sent on June 19. In his letter, Rabbani had said that the flag-hoisting ceremony should he hosted in the Parliament House courtyard when a democratic government is in power, and that Senate approved of his suggestion unanimously. The hosting of the ceremony in Parliament House will send a message to the people of Pakistan that their elected representatives are at the helm of affairs, Rabbani had said. “Past dictators had tried to deprive the people of their right to rule by limiting this symbolic ceremony to close quarters,” he had explained. The Senate chairman has been informed of the approval for shift in venue. Arrangements for the event will be made by the Cabinet Division.

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